We are Dragonbrand, a community-focused Guild Wars 2 server.

Who we are

We are Dragonbrand. We believe that community forms the foundation of a great environment to enjoy the game we all love to play. With a spirit of respect for one another, regard for our various playstyles, and a culture of inclusiveness, we value teamwork, fun, and an environment that spans the family friendly to the mature gamer. We have chosen to embrace all aspects of Guild Wars 2, from the PvE community to the WvW and PvP communities.

If you value a family friendly environment, you’ll find a welcome mat laid before you. Enjoy your gaming with a bit more color? That door is open for you also! With an emphasis on teamwork while keeping our identities, Dragonbrand values your voice if you choose to take part!

Thank you for stopping by. If this is the kind of community you are seeking, we hope to have the opportunity to befriend and play alongside you!


Alice Ever Garden [AEG]
Builders of the Realm [LEGO]
Crusaders of the Lost Temple [COLT]
Disciplies of Cerberus [DOC]
Guardians of the Light [GOTL]
No Mercy to All [KILL]
Pure Dragons Fire [PDF]
Shadow Dragon Sect [SDS]
The Crazy Gods [gods]
The Dragonfly Effect [Phi]
Tuxzyn Terrors [TUX]
Xavier's Deathknights [XDK]
Vengeance in Power [ViP]

Dragonbrand Council

We are a community. All guilds on Dragonbrand have the option of being represented in the server council. The council convenes weekly to discuss topics affecting Dragonbrand, arriving at decisions through a majority rule. Each guild has an equal say in the process. Server managers enact the will of the Council. Feel free to contact any of them for assistance.

Current server managers

Diz Fai. NA. Forum Administrator. JaguarGal.5320
[Position open]. NA. Server Meeting Chair.
Rath. NA. Drive Administrator. Rathloriel or Stalgonoff.6458
Tabs. OCX/Others. Technical Administrator. Tabs or Concordia Discors.7592

Contact us

If you or your guild is interested in learning more about Dragonbrand and joining our community, please contact a server manager via in-game mail, Teamspeak, Discord, or the contact form below.